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 Shifting Types

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PostSubject: Shifting Types   Tue Jan 04, 2011 1:18 pm

First, there are Shifter Levels. Shifter Levels help judge the time and pain of shifting. Here they are:

Alpha: Can shift in seconds and almost without pain. Rare, so I don't want a bunch of alphas running around.

Betas: Can change in a few minutes. A large amount of pain is involved.

Omegas: They can take from half an hour to over an hour, and it is extremly painful.

Shifting Types are when and under what condition you shift:

Tempature: They change in cold or hot weather, can not be controlled. Please choose the tempature they shift at. For example: So and so shifts when the tempature is under 30 degrees.

Emotion: They change with extreme emotion, can not be controlled.

Basic: Changes at will.

Pain: Changes when feeling pain. Can not be controlled.

Seasonal: Shifts during a certain season and stays an animal all season.

Animals that are banned. These are animals that you can't choose due to the fact there are too many or are not good for rping:


Anything that has a exoskeleton or does not have one


Extinct Animals

When you see the Shifting Type: Area in the bio, put something like this: Omega/Emotion

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Shifting Types
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