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 Rules! FEAR THEM!

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PostSubject: Rules! FEAR THEM!   Wed Jan 05, 2011 1:14 pm

The Rules! OBEY!

1. No using this all the time. It scares people. Teeheehee

2. Don't fight with mods or admins. (I break this rule on other sites. :/)

3. Tell me if you are leaving the site. Make my life easy.

4. I was about to write no cussing, but I don't mind much. Don't push it, though.

5. Heh, porn. NO! I'll ban your sorry... Just don't do it. Or anything else adultish for that matter.

6. No god-modding. I don't really think people do this anymore, but I'm still posting this.

7. No magic, animals look like animals. The people can look crazy if you want.

8. Clothing, jewlery, and all other thing you wear do not shift with you. That means earings stay on ears and you eaither rip out of clothes or have to climb out of them when you shift. When you return to human form you are naked.

I missing something.... Oh, well! Do whatever you want. Teeheehee

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